Grass Valley CAJennco Web Works is a family run business located in the beautiful Sierra foothills of Northern California.

Jennco was started in 1990 as a small web development firm to handle the numerous requests for realtor websites. Business spread through word of mouth and Jennco has designed websites for a wide range of companies all across America.

Jennco Web Works was not born out of the .com boom in Silicon Valley. Jennco is and has always been a small, local business looking to fill a need and do that job well.

Jennco is never about the WalMart experience. We are much happier doing a fabulous job on 50 sites than a mediocre job on 500 (and we’re sure you’re happier too). We believe in personal attention and know that the most satisfied clients are the ones who feel like their input matters. It is your site, after all.
If you have questions, call us. A real, live person will answer.